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By Jayde Kirchert

Presented by Citizen Theatre
In association with Theatre Works

12-22 May 2021
Theatre Works, St. Kilda

Nominated for two Green Room Awards 2022!

Mara KORPER is a feminist sci-fi spectacle that follows in the footsteps of dystopian classics such as Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World and 1984. In true Citizen Theatre style, Mara KORPER interrogates the zeitgeist through a feminist lens, echoing and challenging those who came before.

Mara KORPER is set in a futuristic, dystopian world where gender is obsolete, the flesh must remain whole, and bodies are owned by the government. This brilliant and terrifying new theatrical work explores themes of extremism, corruption, gender and body image. Mara KORPER is staged in a non-traditional way, seating audiences in the round in private perspex boxes. Fusing the latest sound technology with absurdist expressionism, Mara KORPER is truly on the cutting edge of experimental feminist theatre.

Mara KORPER was supported by:
  • The City of Port Phillip
  • The Faculty of Fine Arts & Music, VCA
  • The Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation
  • The Besen Family Foundation

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